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Commercial Construction Projects

Besides offering standard contractor services, we are compelled to educate our clients in new technologies and alternative construction methods. Most are familiar with the mainstay concrete block and wood frame construction, but newer technologies designed towards sustainability are becoming more readily available.

Many of these technologies have been available for years and only now are beginning to become accepted and utilized in mainstream construction. Providing these options to our clients allows us to offer the cutting edge which in most cases will prove better for our client, and in all cases build for a better world.

Ponderosa Builders is an agile contracting firm with the professionalism, efficiencies and quality standards that rival much larger firms, the benefit of personal service and the innate ability to compete on a leveled playing field. Ponderosa Builders offers you the best of both worlds; National competency, Local attention. We are based out of Panama City, FL but also provide service to Daytona and surrounding areas, as well as Vero Beach and surrounding areas.

No matter what stage of construction your project is in, we can help you see it to its end. The earlier you involve us with your project, the happier you will be with the results, the savings and the speed of completion.

Commercial Construction Projects
Review some case studies that demonstrate our Commercial capabilities.
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We provide a service as a professional independent third party to review construction draws, estimates, contracts, construction progress, RFI’s, schedules, etc. We can also work to help mediate disputes with regards to change orders, and provide expert testimony should you have the unfortunate need to take a project to arbitration or litigation.

Facility Maintenance/Management - This is a new service that began with our hospitality industry clients in mind but has since been modified to work in any industry. We offer various programs created with the intent of providing scheduled property inspections and maintenance. A Ponderosa Builders team is dispatched to perform needed repairs, enhancements, FFE replacements, etc. These detailed inspections allow you to plan for upcoming repairs and prepare fiscal budgets.