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Remodel & Re-Construction Projects

Catastrophes unfortunately happen and when a home or business suffers loss and destruction due to fire, flooding, hurricane, wind damage or other disasters, Ponderosa Builders will be on the scene ready to reconstruct all that needs reconstructing.

Our capabilities and experience with disaster reconstruction allows us the reach to get the job done quickly and effectively to insure that you can return to your dwelling soon and as if nothing ever happened.

This will undoubtedly be a time of anxiety for the property owner and Ponderosa is sensitive to that. As a full service general contracting company, our mission is to give you the comfort of knowing that we will restore your dwelling to what it was. We act quickly, efficiently and within time and financial budgets.

We will be there with you through every phase of reconstruction and we will work with your insurance company to further alleviate your related stress.

Our Work Speaks For Itself
Review some case studies that demonstrate our capabilities.
Retail Interior
Ponderosa has built out numerous store interiors. We can assist you in the planning process or follow corporate generated specifications; we’ll take the “Vanilla Shell” and transform it into a world class store.
Custom Home
You’ve watched a lot of shows on HGTV, you’ve dreamt about different styles & floor plans & the time has finally come to find your builder. Our reputation & portfolio will convince you that you’ve found your builder!
Gas / Convenience
We have experience building all types of commercial and residential structures. We have built many gas station / convenience stores and we’re very familiar with the special needs of this particular industry.
It’s not often that a builder that builds everything is also a specialist in many areas, but we are. Apartment complexes are one of our specialties and we have the capabilities to efficiently perform.