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Our Guiding Priciples

Our guiding principles are based on age old wisdoms of Treat others as you would want to be treated and Do it right the first time. These wisdoms, although seemingly basic, are traits that continue to set our company apart from other builders.

The First wisdom we hold twofold; the obvious interpretation is to treat others in a professional, respectful and courteous manner, we adapt this however in terms of our construction practices -
We complete every project with the quality that we would expect in our own homes

The Second wisdom is again seemingly obvious, but crucial to our success. By completing our work correctly the first time, we keep our projects running smoothly from start to finish, avoid unwarranted additional costs and costly delays for our clients as well as our business. These guiding principles are at the core of our business and will stand to always direct and motivate our team members.

OUR VISION - To become the Panhandle’s first and preferred choice for construction services by having our team happily provide these services “done the right way the first time”, thereby increasing referral work, new quality clients and ultimately higher profits for the company. The right way is defined as creating standardized response including generating accurate estimates that are based on identifying the needs of our clients in totality, working with our construction partners to complete the projects in a fast and efficient manner, while providing excellent customer care with the utmost professionalism, ultimately providing a high quality product/service, one which is above the industry and local market’s standard.

Our Core Capabilities
No matter what stage of construction your project is in, we can help you see it to its end.
The earlier you involve us with your project, the happier you will be
with the results, the savings and the speed of completion.
General Contractor
We are a state certified general contractor which allows us to construct virtually any size project. With provided plans and specifications, we will execute your project professionally, efficiently and affordably.
Our ability to provide professional and accurate construction cost analysis, combined with our research of the projects’ municipality and code compliance have given our Clients accurate cost projections.
If you have an idea but do not know where to start, we also offer design/build services. Communication breakdowns between owner, builder & architect are all but eliminated because we control the process.
Catastrophe Repair
We have significant experience in dealing with catastrophe. We negotiate with your insurance carrier. It’s always good to have an experienced third party working for you to insure that all of your interests are served.