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Residential Construction Projects

Our business model provides for the most advanced general contracting services, the highest quality product and execution led by the most innovative designs. The majority of our work is generated by client referrals, due largely in part to our progressive approach to a rapidly evolving industry. Our responsibility to our clients is what drives us and is the reason why we created Ponderosa Builders.

We want you to make the “intelligent choice.” The concept of Ponderosa is simple; Building Smarter. We spend extra time with our clients, especially at the beginning of each project to not only find out what they want, but to educate our clients about new and developing technologies designed to produce a better product for the end user, and ultimately the community/Earth.

Residential Construction Projects
Review some case studies that demonstrate our Residential capabilities.
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We have been incorporating “Green” construction practices into our projects for years, not because it’s trendy but because it makes sense. We focus on many unique issues the Florida environment creates for the construction industry.We suggest methods and strategies aimed at improving project performance across all metrics: energy savings, water efficiency, CO2 emissions reduction, improved indoor environmental quality, stewardship of resources, and sensitivity to the carbon footprint, before, during and after construction.

We are a Florida State licensed general contractor and commercial/residential pool contractor, fully insured, and ready to make your construction project seamless and painless. We’ve worked or can work in over 25 of the 50 States. We will venture to virtually any area turning your ideas into a habitable and enjoyable space and bringing with us the service, quality and affordability for which we are known, so let’s discuss your project at hand…